The Druid

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Since Clay created the world, druids have stood as guardians of the natural order. They are unparalleled healers and champions against demonic forces.


Choose an option below or create your own:
✥ You are nobler than other people, and the gods love
you more.
✥ You sense unnatural phenomena before anyone else.
✥ Demons instinctively fear you.


Choose an option below or create your own:
✥ You enjoy living in the mud and finding meals that others
would never eat.
✥ As everyone and everything are part of Clay’s
creation, you lack respect for property of others.
✥ You are a moralizing know-it-all who thinks you
always know the will of the gods.


Choose an option below or create your own:
… doesn’t understand her role in the world. You should guide her to a better understanding.
… is drawn to dark arts and must be kept under close watch. If needed, it’s your duty to stop her.
… is a slender oak that could grow into something great, given the right care.


Staff or knife, one item of your choice from the list of trade goods (see page 182), D6 Silver.
Resource Dice: Food D8, Water D8

SKILLS: Endurance, Survival, Insight, Healing, Animal Handling
TYPICAL NICKNAMES: Raven Claw, Tree-strider, Windwalker, Wood Dweller

Forbidden Lands Core Game cover.


  • Path of Healing
  • Path of Shifting Shapes
  • Path of Sight