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Welcome to my new lair on the interwebs. I’m gluing bits together as fast as I can to get a new website to support my new campaigns and one-shots over at StartPlaying.Games. If you are looking for something in particular, and you can’t find it yet, please visit The About page to find your most convenient method of contacting me.

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Professional Game Mastery & Bespoke Accessories

For decades people have told me I should give running games professionally a go and I’ve always shrugged it off as even more fantastic than the worlds I run games in, but the pandemic and my resulting financial collapse has made me make the leap. It’s been going quite well so far and the income from games gives me the opportunity to invest more time and resources in them making it better for both my players and for me as well.

I make handcrafted dice boxes, dice towers, and other accessories. I lovingly make each item from hardwood, then I can laser engrave a design of your choice on even use your own custom designs, you can visit my Etsy store by following this link:

I am also getting back into producing adventures for some of the games we play, where IP laws allow it, you can find those on DriveThru RPG.

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