Professions of the Ravenland

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Each character in Forbidden Lands has a Profession to complement their Kin. Each Profession gives the PC access to unique Profession-only Talents and Talent Trees and a list of professional skills which can start at either rank two or three during character creation (non-professional skills are limited to a single rank at creation). Finally, each Profession has a Key Attribute. When you create your player character, you can distribute points across your attributes according to your PC’s starting age. You can assign no less than 2 and no more than 4 points to any attribute. However, you can assign 5 points to the attribute listed as the Key Attribute for your Kin or your Profession. If the same attribute is key for both your Kin and your Profession, you can assign up to 6 points to that attribute.

There are eight Professions to choose from in the basic game.

  • Druid — a spellcaster tasked with safeguarding the natural world and its peoples;
  • Fighter — an adventurer who focuses on the strength of arms to achieve their goals;
  • Hunter — unmatched in the abilities to shoot, move, and survive in the wilderness;
  • Minstrel — the spheres of morale and persuasion are the Minstrel’s battlefield;
  • Peddler — everything has its price, and the peddler knows how to get the best one;
  • Ridder — whether coming from the horse tribes or being a knight on horseback, the Rider excels at mounted combat;
  • Rogue — Stealth and Sleight of Hand help the Rogue achieve their goals;
  • Sorcerer — ancient knowledge enables you to bend the world to your will.