Savage Frontiers

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Back in the 1980s I took a long break from fantasy adventure games to voyage into the stars with my friends in epic science fiction adventures on distant worlds. We flew our small armed freighter from on end of the frontier to the other, exploring new worlds, trading precious cargo, fighting pirates, and even became privateers in an all-out war with an alien race. Every time I hear a discussion about sci-fi, I think back to those days of adventure and discovery and long to recapture that lightning in a bottle and be able to re-live that feeling.

That is why I’ve created Savage Frontiers, to try to recreate those wonderous days for my players. I had at first thought of using the original game system to run my campaigns, but while it was super great for atmosphere and flavor, the game mechanics themselves were very limited and stifling by today’s standards, so I’ve decided to use the Savage Worlds rules to try to keep the best bits of the feeling of sci-fi adventure gaming, but also make it a little more approachable and dynamic for the modern role playing gamer.