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We are playing a Shadowrun campaign, going back to 2050 and playing forward to get a nice sweep of time and play through some of the most iconic moments in Shadowrun history.

As the tone of the game has changed over the years from a deadly high stakes game in the shadows towards bionic super villains blowing up everything they meet, there are some rather important changes that need to be made to the ruleset in order to recapture the feel of the 2050s and put runners back in the Shadows and megacorps back in the villain seat. Therefore, you can use this SRD as a reference for your adventures in the world of Megacorps & Metahumans. There isn’t any lore here or any of the glorious IP that has developed over the years, for that you’ll need the rule books. I have used the SR5 rules and the SR3 rules to create this SRD and you shouldn’t use these rules as a reference for any campaign other than mine, as this is a very niche campaign situation.

  • Action Economy & the Combat Turn
  • Buying & Selling
  • Character Advancement
  • Character Creation
  • Character Qualities & Flaws
  • Chase Rules
  • Combat
  • Combat, but in Vehicles
  • Edge (Living on it and Burning it)
  • Equipment
  • Cyberware
  • Exchange Rates
  • Healing
  • Magic
  • Magic Groups
  • Magic Traditions
  • Matrix
  • Mega Corps
  • Rigging
  • Skills
  • Spirits & Elementals
  • Technomancy
  • Tests, Extended Tests, and other Dice Rolling Events

These rules are used in our Shadowrun campaign hosted by Cai the GM; we use specific house rules to simulate better the world we play in based on the stories told between the first edition and the third editions of the game. This game information might not apply to your game world, but if your GM and players like these rules, feel free to use them at your table.

Shadowrun Fifth Edition is ©Catalyst Game Labs and is a Trademark of Topps and Microsoft. We make no claims on any of their intellectual property rights. You can get a copy of the SR5 core rules that comes with all the brilliant history and lore at Drive Thru RPG.