D&D 5e

D&D 5e
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Welcome to my D&D 5e page. You can find the games that I am currently running here as well as links to my D&D 5e topics.

Current D&D Games

‘A Gothic Strahd’ is a Curse of Strahd campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, played in the gothic style of horror. This is a very special running of the Curse of Strahd campaign with expanded plots and the opportunity to continue to 20th level and perhaps defeat the Realm of Dread itself. [learn more]

I am available for special events and campaigns on demand for you and your friends at a low hourly rate for up to 8 players (3 hour minimum, 8 hour max per session). [learn more]

Useful D&D References

  • Book of Cai — My D&D 5e Variant Rules
  • Extensions for Fantasy Grounds Unity

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