My 5e Variant/Optional Rule Manifest

My 5e Variant/Optional Rule Manifest

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These are the optional and variant rules you can expect to encounter in my 5e D&D games.

Optional & Variant Rule Manifest

Rule NameSource
Action OptionsDMG 271
Alien TechnologyDMG 268
Accelerated FeatsBoC
Alternatives to Epic BoonsDMG 230
Automatic SuccessDMG 239
Better Beast MastersBoC
Constitution Death SavesBoC
Customizing Ability Scores (Point Buy)PHB 13
Dangerous ShootingBoC
Encumbrance (Variant)PHB 176
Equipment SizesPHB 145
ExplosivesDMG 267
FallingXGE 77
Fear and HorrorDMG 266
Fear and StressVRGR 195
FeatsPHB 165
FirearmsDMG 267
FlankingDMG 251
Haunted TrapsVRGR 196
Improved GrapplingBoC
InjuriesDMG 272
Inspiration (3 slots)PHB 125
MulticlassingPHB 163
Parleying with MonstersTCE 148
Playing on a GridPHB 192
Proficiency-Based AttunementBoC
SleepXGE 77
Slow Natural HealingDMG 266
Tool ProficienciesXGE 78
Wands that Don’t RechargeDMG 141

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