Star Trek Adventures

Star Trek Adventures
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Welcome to the setting for our Star Trek Adventures campaign!

Welcome to the Final Frontier

This is an experiment in running a grand West Marches style campaign in Star Trek Adventures from the early days of Starfleet through its entire canonical history. We will rotate Game Masters and have a persistent universe where new Starfleet officers begin, serve their careers, and possibly retire as a “win condition” only to be replaced by a new class of officers beginning again.

This page might be useful to two types of players:

People Joining Our Ongoing Voyages
We will be using the 2d20 rule system by Modiphius and beginning in the 22rd century. Where rules or history departs from that within the official Star Trek Adventures books you will be able to find an article here. Since role-playing games have a propensity for generating the necessity of house rules and departures from established timelines, I anticipate we will have a considerable number of articles before long.   During the pandemic I’ll be running games online using Fantasy Grounds Unity. Each player will need to download at least the demo version to play [link]. I will run occasional Training Cruises for players who do not own the core rulebook and want an introduction to the game system, however, if you want to be a regular player you will need at the minimum the STA: Core Rulebook [print or pdf]. Once the pandemic is over I plan on running other missions in person. Those players will also need a the Core Rulebook but also a printed character sheet, a pencil, 3d20 (three twenty-sided dice) and 4 – 10 d6 (four through 10 six-sided dice) unless you are one of the fortunate few who have an Star Trek Adventures: Dice Set. For either online or in-person gamers, a small notebook where you can record your thoughts and actions, along with any clues or secrets you learn can be very helpful.

People Looking to Start a Star Trek Adventures Campaign of Their Own
If you are looking to start a game for you and your friends, good on you. Role-playing games can be great fun. You certainly don’t have to do things the same way we do, but sometimes seeing what other people are doing can help you decide how you want to approach things, even if it is only an example of what you don’t want to do.
I’ll post some of the handouts and VTT assets we use to play on this site. Hopefully they will be useful to others in some way.


We are currently playing Star Trek Adventures online using the Foundry VTT ruleset.

You can join either our ‘serious’ campaign tracking the entire history of Star Trek or you can play in our TNG-era Lowerest Decks campaign for some high-warp hijinx [learn more].

More Kinds of Trek

Federation & Empire

I’m also interested in maybe setting up an old Federation & Empire wargame, except played as play-by-post online somehow. If you have suggestions about how to pull it off, let me know.

Leave me a comment below if that sounds interesting to you.

This is a fan site devoted to running Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius Entertainment, based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by the CBS Corporation. No use of eithers’ intellectual property on this page is meant to constitute a challenge either entities rights and is intended under fair use provisions. We encourage you to buy a copy of this fine RPG, if you use one of the links provided on this page we’ll receive a small fee that will help support expansion of the material found here. The planetary illustrations here are from the Star Trek Adventures core book and NASA. Art not coming from Paramount, Modiphius, or NASA are fan works either from myself or other fans, I credit other artists where I have a source available and would appreciate your help finding the origin of other fan art included without attribution.

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