Books You’ll Need to Play

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Not everyone needs everybook, unless you are going to GM, I’ve placed some notes about each book below, in case you are being selective about which you buy.

Player’s Books

Star Trek Adventures Core Book: This book is a must for all players and GMs, it give you the basic rules and character creation options.

The Command Division Supplemental: As with all the division supplementals, you might skip this book if you aren’t playing a command division character, but it does have some useful rules about promotions, awards, and career management that apply to everyone.

The Sciences Division Supplemental: More Talents and Focuses for blue shirts and rules about alien species and conducting scientific studies.

Operations Division Supplemental: More Talents and Focuses for the officers who get it all done and a wealth of information for Game Masters looking to have some great spotlights for your red/gold shirts.

Optional Player+GM

Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook: Adds many Alpha Quadrant races, Aurelians, Caitains, Edosians, & Ferengi. Information on The Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy, and the Tholian Assembly. Give more details on the homeworlds of Betazed, Denobula, Tellar Prime, & Trill.

Beta Quadrant Sourcebook: More information on Andoria, Earth, and Vulcan. Introductory information on Beta Quadrant threats, the Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire, Gorn Hegemony, and Orion Syndicate.

Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook: Detailing the Dominion and other crazy things on the other side of that wormhole.

Delta Quadrant Sourcebook: Ankari, Ocampa, Talazians, and liberated Borg, this book gives you a great deal of background for Voyager-style adventures.

Klingon Core Rulebook: I am not currently running a Klingon Campaign, but I am seriously thinking about it. This 400 page book takes a deep dive into running Klingons for STA.

The Master Index

I am working on an master index that will let you find what you are looking for across all these books.

Free Items

STA Character Sheets: The basic LCARS-style character sheets in TNG colors.

Klingon Character Sheets: Get your Kling-on with these cool new character sheets!

Adventures & GM Only

These are the Voyages (Vol 1):

Strange New Worlds (Vol. 2): A bunch of adventure ideas.

Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide: An entire campaign in uncharted space that didn’t appear in any TV series.

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