Rule Changes

Rule Changes
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Sometimes game designers make decisions about things they don’t think are very important based on some design principle they believe are is more important. For some groups of players, that unimportant thing is more important than the invisible design principle. Here is a short list of things we’ve put band-aids on so far.

I am Up, They See Me, I am Down

Contrary to the Core Rulebook, the practice of getting up and down quickly is a central tenant of tactical movement. For the cost of two Momentum or Threat a character can violate the rule for getting up and down in the same turn.

Sciencey Stuff

There are several ways the topics in the Science for Star Trek post are going to shake some things up, join me for discussion there.


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Cai the GM

More to come as we get some more experience with the system, if something in the rules is bothering you, please let me know and we can discuss what to do about it.

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