Useful Links for Star Trek Adventures

Useful Links for Star Trek Adventures
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The Star Trek community has been creating wonderful material for decades. While nothing outside this page should be considered “campaign canon” you can find some great inspiration for your own adventures.

The NX-01 Schematics
Warp Factor Calculations
Official Character Generator
The Continuing Missions
Character Generator with TOS Sheets
Extended Task Helper

Memory Alpha: A collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek. []  

Modiphius Character and Starship Generator: A full-function generator that will output a PDF of your ship or PC when you are done. []

Continuing Missions STA: A fan site for Star Trek Adventures with 400 decacochranes of great STA stuff. []

Theta Fleet Engineering: A repository of fan-made material from a number of eras. Mostly for FASA’s verson of the Star Trek RPG but can give you useful ideas. []

Star Trek Pop-up Mini Maker: Fun and Easy Mini Maker: []

The Official Quick Start Guide: Modiphius has made a 30-page version of their rules available for free. []  

Romulan Uniform Guide: A nice reference on Romulan uniforms and their meaning:  

Star Fleet Ship Registry: Not actually a registry of ships at all, but has a nice collection of images you can use for your games for when the captain says, “on screen!”:  

Surface Gravity Calculator: How much gravity would the party experience on the surface of that planet?

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