Character Creation

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Creating your 2050s character is more restricted than later eras. You can follow the steps below and all the currently available choices are listed here, you can’t take metatypes or archetypes that aren’t listed here, regardless of what that one guy said on Youtube.

  1. Assign Priorities
  2. Pick a Metatype
  3. Spend Attribute points
  4. If chose to a Magic score choose your type of magic use
  5. Purchase Positive Qualities, you can not buy Flaws during character creation
  6. Purchase Skills
  7. Spend Resources: Be careful to use the 2050 equipment list, much of the later edition equipment hasn’t been invented yet.
  8. Spend Leftover Karma

Pick Priorities

Special Points, Attributes, Magic/Resonance, Skills, and Resources can all be issued a priority value from A to E. Each priority can only be used once on a character.

Special Points: These points can be assigned to Magic, or Edge. The maximum value for these attributes is 6, except for Humans, with a maximum Edge value of 7.

Attributes: These points can only be spent on mental and physical Attributes (BOD, AGI, REA, STR, WIL, LOG, INT, and CHA).

Magic: This determines starting Magic for Mages. Mage characters can not start with an E in that column.

Skills: These are points that can be spent on skills. The numbers are points that can be spent on individual skills, with the numbers in parenthesis being that which can be spent on skill groups.

Resources: This is the character’s starting money in Nuyen.

Purchase Positive Qualities

Remember, you can not buy Flaws in our campaign. If you are interested in playing a character with Flaws, think of the flaw(s) you are interested in and contact the GM with some details about how you would like to incorporate that flaw into the game.

The general rules for Flaws follow these principles:

  1. If, during the run, the Flaw causes damage to the PC or creates an obstacle the PC can not overcome without spending extra time or resources, then the PC will receive a bonus of between 1 and 3 Karma.
  2. If, during the run, the Flaw causes damage to other PCs or creates an obstacle those PCs can not overcome without spending extra time or resources, then the PC which has the flaw will be penalized 1 to 3 points of Karma, and those Karma will be granted as a bonus and divided among the affected characters.
  3. Flaws that have no operational affect other than to annoy or perturb other party members will never be granted a Karma bonus.

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