The Fighter

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You have followed the way of the sword for as long as you can remember. Wiped the blood of countless enemies from your blade. Felt many wounds heal into ugly scars on your body. You fear battle, yet you yearn for it. Battle is your life. Your task is to protect your weaker friends from all enemies, and you take that task very seriously – but the truth is, you live for the thrill of battle itself. When the fight is over, you clean your blade and prepare for the next fray. You are a Fighter.


Choose an option below or create your own:

✥ You never back away from a fight.

✥ You can endure any injury.

✥ You never betray your friends.


Choose an option below or create your own:

✥ You sometimes take to the bottle to chase away the memories of all those you have killed.

✥ Secretly you enjoy inflicting pain and injury on others.

✥ Once, you killed a Rust Brother, and they now want you.


Choose an option below or create your own:

… is the weak link of the group. Can you teach her?

… has saved your life several times. How will you repay her?

… is creepy. She must be up to no good.


A one-handed weapon of your choice, studded leather armor, one item of your choice from the list of trade goods, D6 Silver.

Resource Dice: Food D8, Water D6

SKILLS: Might, Endurance, Melee, Crafting, Move
TYPICAL NICKNAMES: Gravemaker, Grimjaw, Ironboot

Forbidden Lands Core Game cover.


  • Path of the Blade
  • Path of the Enemy
  • Path of the Shield