The Hunter

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The wild places of the Ravenland are your home. The forests, mountains, vast prairie, and little rivers all bring peace. Others feel the wildlands are dangerous and evil, but you know they only fear what they do not understand, and in this place, you understand all of the rules, and the strongest predator survives. You are a Hunter.


Choose an option below or create your own:

✥ You can survive alone in the wilds for weeks.

✥ Your arrow always hits its mark.

✥ The animals of the forests are your friends and do you no harm.


Choose an option below or create your own:

✥ You feel uncomfortable among other people and prefer to be alone.

✥ The old wound from the claw of a demonic beast never fully healed.

✥ Once, you left a wounded friend to die in the woods to save yourself.


Choose an option below or create your own:

… always makes a lot of noise. Stay away from her.

… is always hungry and eats all the food you catch.

… has no respect for nature and its creatures.


Bow or sling, two items of your choice from the list of trade goods, D6 Silver.

Resources: Food D8, Water D8, Arrows D10

Wolfkiller,: Stealth, Move, Marksmanship, Scouting, Survival
Pathfinder, Red Fox, Wolfwalker

Forbidden Lands Core Game cover.