A Brief History of the Night

A Brief History of the Night
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This is the traditional timeline accepted by most kindred historians. Like any history, some things may have been altered to protect the powerful from embarrassment or protect younger generations from secrets they should not know.

Before Common Era

  • 3300000 BCE
    Paleolithic Age Era beginning/end
  • 20000 BCE
    Mesolithic Age Era beginning/end
  • 11,700 BCE
    Great Interglacial Flood Disaster / Destruction Sometimes believed to be the flood sent to cleans the world of the first three generations of vampires, the Antediluvians. Many kindred today are unsure if this is a myth told by their sires to keep them tight to the rules, or if it was a historic event.
  • 6000 BCE3000 BCE
    Neolithic & Copper Ages Era beginning/end
  • 5050 BCE
    Sutekh settles near the Nile. Founding Sutekh’s followers will become the kindred clan of Setites.
  • 5000 BCE
    Baba Yaga embraced by Absimiliard Life, Supernatural
  • 4500 BCE
    Ashur embreaces Shaitan Life, Supernatural Shaitan is the second to be embraced by Ashur. He lives in the Second City for a time where he meets Ba’al and becomes his first follower.
  • 3000 BCE1000 BCE
    Bronze Age Era beginning/end

Common Era

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