Last Days of Hadley’s Hope — An Introduction to Alien RPG

Last Days of Hadley’s Hope — An Introduction to Alien RPG

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Hadley’s Hope is a “shake and bake” colony located on the moon LV-426. Established in 2157, the colony is a terraforming, research, and mining facility, and a new home to its pioneers. By 2179 there are 158 colonists there, and the first natives of LV-426 had been born. The giant processors are changing the atmosphere: now breathable, but still choked by dense clouds and wracked by electrical storms. The sky is always gloomy, more like night than day. Even when the sun is above the horizon it’s often hidden behind the giant form of Calpamos, LV-426’s parent planet. Some said building the colony was unwise. The moon hadn’t even been mapped in 2157, the weather would make life a constant struggle, and the violent geology made it feel as if the world didn’t want anyone there at all. Yet someone at Weyland-Yutani allocated the budget and gave the green light, and so Hadley’s Hope was founded. Supervisor Al Simpson got stuck into the job and the colonists soon learned to live with LV-426’s quirks. it wasn’t long before they were making a success of this most unlikely of colonies. Four days ago, a wildcatter named Russ Jorden was brought back, infected with something. He died, and some snake-like parasite disappeared into the guts of the base. Security has had no luck catching the thing, and somehow more people were infected. Rumor has it that some of them have died, and that there are more of these snake-things than Supervisor Simpson is admitting to. Simpson spoke over the intercoms, calling for calm.

Last Days of Hadley’s Hope — The Alien RPG

This is an introductory game of the Alien RPG by Free League Publishing. It is a quick and easy game system that allows players to experience the Alien Universe with amazing freedom of action while using simple, intuitive rules that can be learned, “on the fly”. You can join this game with the demo or free version of Fantasy Grounds Unity. Voice chat will be through Discord, but text only play-throughs are available by request.

The action is based on the Hadley’s Hope colony where the movie Aliens takes place, but during the time period immediately before contact is lost with the colony. Players will be provided with a pre-generated character, complete with secret goals and information about how they relate to other members of the expedition. Rewards are given for playing to your characters motivations, but the goal is to survive the encounter and escape.

My goal as a Game Master is to teach you the system while providing an exciting and enjoyable time.

If you are interested in playing this scenario, but don’t already have a booking, you can book a session through my StartPlaying.Games page.

Pre-generated Characters

Players will choose to take the role of one of these characters when they sign on at game time. Character selection will be first-come, first-serve, so have a few that you might want to give a try.

Hanna Singleton

Hanna Singleton is a 32 year-old who serves as a Tractor Driver for the colony. She is self-sufficient and driven to do the best job she can, to that end, she has placed Morgan Hirsch on disciplinary report on 6 separate occasions for malingering. She is a known friend of Janice MacWhirr.

David Holroyd

David Holroyd is a mechanic assigned to general engineering for the Hadley’s Hope colony. He has a history of hard work and technical expertise. He is generally well liked by his fellow colonists.

Janice MacWhirr

Janice MacWhirr is the Colonial Administration Union Organizer on Hadley’s Hope while she possesses strong leadership skills and has generally motivates colonists to do their best job, she has a history of letting morality and ethics push aside important company priorities

Morgan Hirsch

Morgan Hirsch is a middle-aged Sanitation Engineer employed at Hadley’s Hope. Overtly religious, he has a distinctive fatalistic world view and a tendency to rub his superiors, especially Janice MacWhirr the wrong way. He’s unusually close mouthed about his past and where he is from. While he’s aging, he is still noticeably more muscular than your typical colonist

Sonny Sigg

Sonny is a 29 year-old Lab Tech with ambitions to climb the corporate ladder, believing that Hadley’s Hope is just a way station before being assigned as Principle Investigator on some more interesting and meaningful project on another world. Sigg is friends with Hirsch, mostly due to their shared belief that MacWhirr treats them unfairly

Jack Livre

Jack Livre is the Colonial Marshal assigned to LV 426 along with his deputy marshal, Denise Scruggs. At 52 years of age, Marshal Livre has not recovered his career from his mistakes on Raverna IV. Weyland-Yutani has flagged him for his uncooperative personality and filed a complaint when he was assigned to Hadley’s Hope, a replacement is en route.

Wes Osterman

Wes Osterman is a Facilities Engineer 2nd Class and is responsible for maintaining the heating and cooling systems in Hadley’s Hope. He has a distinctive “porn” mustache and many NSFW tattoos, which he fails to keep hidden per corporation policy. When not climbing through service ducts, Osterman is usually found in Billy’s Bar.

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