The Mystic Order

The Mystic Order

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Faction Overview

The Mystic Order are an ancient order of monks who were stolen from their original world by the mists of Ravenloft at least 4 centuries ago. They have lost all knowledge of what deity the order was devoted to or even what world they originated from.

The faction is split into three suborders, the Avengers, mostly oath-bound paladins who venture into the mists to beat back the darkness in the most literal version of the metaphor, they also serve as guards for the villages palisade and gates.

The Redeemers are all clerics, devoted to one of the holy aspects of the Mystic Order, Grave, Life, Light, Nature, Peace, and War. The Redeemers minister to the population of the village and at least one will accompany any Avengers sallying forth into the mists.

Finally the Raven Wardens act as spies and agents of the Mystic Order, ranging far and deep into the mists gathering information and making surgical strikes when the blunt instrument of the Avengers does not seem appropriate. While each of the suborders seems to have their own purview, in practice things in Mystic Falls are more than a little disorganized and at time chaotic as each individual may at times be fighting there on personal demons, both of a metaphorical, and sometimes literal sense.


                “Lucerna in tenebris”

Holy Symbol of the Mystic Order


  1. All sentient life is sacred;
  2. All sentient being deserve redemption;
  3. The monastery and the Order has been brought to the mists as a result of a sin or trespass by original members and the current members must find a way to redeem not only themselves but the order as a whole.


  1. Thwart the plans of the Dread Lords where possible;
  2. Save innocent souls from the terrors of Ravenloft;
  3. Transport souls of the innocent out of Ravenloft when possible;
  4. Redeem the order for the trespasses which brought the monastery within the mists.


The headquarters of the Mystic Order is the small village of Mystic Falls which has grown around the original monastery. The leaders of the order are stationed there and are Dean Thoumas, the administrator of the church, Abbot Elis, the nominal leader of the order and chief administrator of the monastery proper, and the Raven Speaker, the leader of the Raven Wardens and operates the complicated machine through which the Order receives special missions from the ravens.

Typical Quests

Typical quests for members of the Mystic Order include patrolling the mists. Making passage to one of the islands in the mists at the direction of the Abbot or Raven Speaker. Usually there will be an evil to be bested or innocent souls to be transported out of that domain and to Mystic Falls.

Faction Ranks

Minimum RenownAvengersRedeemersRaven Wardens
10AccoladantAlbarassonBlack Cloak
25CompanionPriorRaven Touched
50CommanderAbbot/AbbessRaven Blood

Gaining Renown

Members of the Order earn renown by completing missions or quests that serve the order’s interests or involve the organization directly. Renown is awarded as characters complete missions or quests, typically upon their return to Mystic Falls.

Advancing the Order’s interests increases a member’s renown by 1. Completing a mission specifically assigned to that member, or which directly benefits the Order, increases the member’s renown by 2 – 3 instead.

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