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Sazlo of Vulcan

Current Starfleet Rank: Ensign
Current Assignment: Jupiter Station; Junior Research Assistant
Starfleet Service Number:
Date of Birth: 2230
Parents: T’pen and Saphet of ShiKahr
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Entered Starfleet Academy:
Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2253


Medical Notes

Suffered anatomical transposition during a transporter test accident at Starfleet Academy.


Parents are members of Vulcan dissident group known as V’tosh ka’tur.

Sazlo is a Vulcan brought up by a sect of his people trying to meld emotion with logic. Sazlo pursued the Vulcan homeworld and traditional Vulcan ideals, though his upbringing made many at the academy consider him broken goods.

Previous Postings

Starfleet Academy

Mission History


Disciplinary Actions


Date of Rank: 2253
Current Merit: 2
Current Reputation: 10
Arc Milestones: 0


Junior Science Officer  



25-pdr-b.pngProfessional Development with B Device26-ssr.pngStarfleet Service Ribbon30-ahg.pngAcademy Honor Graduate Ribbon


Starfleet Personnel Records Data Base

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