Fantasy Grounds Extensions

Fantasy Grounds Extensions

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The D&D 5e ruleset for Fantasy Grounds Unity provides some excellent automation, but there are a few ways that it falls short of the user experience I would like in its out-of-the-box configuration. Thankfully, as GM you can install extensions to get things to work a little better. Since I get asked fairly regularly what extensions I use, I thought I’d give you a post so you can install them for your own games. They are a combination of Free and Paid extensions, so some of these links take you to the DM’s Guild or Fantasy Grounds stores.

Paid Extensions

Fantasy Grounds Shops – A handy little extension where you can share a shop with players. You can add your custom inventory and markup and then share the shop to a single player at a time to automate the purchase process.

Critically Awesome Essentials & One Click Druid – Provides the backbone of several of the other paid extentions I use, plus also give some shape-changing ability automation which is really nice.

One Click More – Gives you more wildshape and polymorph options.

DM Tools – Allows the use of player placed spell tokens which makes everyone’s life so much better in Fantasy Grounds, let there be fireballs and Spiritual Weapons for everyone!

Conditions & Effects for Fantasy Grounds – 200+ conditions and effects to plop down on the combat tracker without needing to remember what all the coding is.

Equipped Effects – Allows players to gain item-effects when then equip an item.

Automatic Effects for Items & Class Features

Free Extensions


Space Fleet Classics – These are the tokens I use for Star Trek Adventures

I receive a small affiliate fee if you purchase an extension from DM’s Guild after clicking on one of the links above.

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