A Gothic Strahd

A Gothic Strahd

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‘A Gothic Strahd’ is a Curse of Strahd campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, played in the gothic style of horror. This is a very special running of the Curse of Strahd campaign with expanded plots and the opportunity to continue to 20th level and perhaps defeat the Realm of Dread itself. Your party of intrepid adventurers will journey to the gothic setting of Ravenloft, where under raging storm clouds, you will investigate the mysteries of Barovia and learn what you must do to save the people from the tyranny of the Devil Strahd, who watches and toys with mortals from the heights of Castle Ravenloft. The sound of the organ music beckons you, even as the lightning flashes and the howl of wolves make your hair stand on end.

You can join an ongoing campaign or if you like you can can engage me to DM for you and a group of your friends at a time of your choosing

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Cai the GM

I have been running games since I was ten years old and have always enjoyed stories of hijinks and high adventure as well as the occasional creepy crawl into the shadowy abyss. I enjoy a wide variety of games and love to have a table filled with laughter.

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