Welcome to Mind in the Game

Welcome to Mind in the Game

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So, welcome to my game blog, where I’ll occasionally post my thoughts about the role playing game hobby and the role playing game industry. While a lot of this is just me screaming into the void of the internet, I mostly would like to start some real conversations about the topic—and if you have found yourself on this site, I’m going to guess you like thinking about RPGs as well. Feel free to respond to any of these little essays in the comments section, and if you have your own essay you’d like to share here, I’d be delighted to have you share your opinions, just message me through the Discord and we’ll get you posting.

That said, stand by for more in this space as I get the chance to put some thoughts together between game sessions, which thankfully isn’t very often now days.

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Cai the GM

I have been running games since I was ten years old and have always enjoyed stories of hijinks and high adventure as well as the occasional creepy crawl into the shadowy abyss. I enjoy a wide variety of games and love to have a table filled with laughter.

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