Paranoia: Treason Computer

Paranoia: Treason Computer

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Paranoia, the role-playing game that’s less about saving the day and more about trying to survive your own allies. Imagine a world where trust is a currency more volatile than any precious metal, and loyalty is a rare gem buried beneath layers of suspicion. Welcome to Alpha Complex, citizen, where happiness is mandatory, and ignorance can be be both bliss and lethal.

The Setting: Alpha Complex
In the not-so-distant future, a massive underground complex called Alpha Complex serves as the last bastion of humanity. The world above is a mysterious wasteland, and inside the complex, citizens are protected by the benevolent guidance of the Computer. All citizens are assigned a color-coded security clearance, from the prestigious high-ranking Ultraviolet to the lowly Infrared. The Computer watches over everyone, ensuring harmony, productivity, and most importantly, happiness. However, this utopia has a dark side. The Computer’s operating system hasn’t been updated in centuries—it sees treason everywhere and trusts no one, but for good reason. Secret societies run rampant, mutants hide their abilities to avoid execution, and even High Programmers undermine the Computers authority.

Rules: The Computer is Always Right (Even When It’s Wrong)
The rules are intentionally convoluted and contradictory, adding an extra layer of chaos to the proceedings. In Paranoia, the only constant is the Computer’s insistence that it is always right. Players are encouraged to think on their feet and embrace the unexpected. The Computer might issue bizarre commands that make no sense, but questioning its wisdom is treasonous. The more absurd the situation, the better. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on a mission to find the legendary “left-handed screwdriver” or facing off against a rogue vending machine.

Gameplay: Trust No One (Not Even Yourself)
Paranoia thrives on the tension created by a lack of trust. As a Troubleshooter, your team is supposedly united against a common enemy, but in reality, everyone is a potential threat. The Computer encourages players to report on each other, rewarding loyalty and punishing dissent. In any situation, players must balance their own goals with the need to maintain the illusion of loyalty.

Humor: Laughing in the Face of Doom
Paranoia is a dark comedy, a satire of dystopian tropes that revels in the absurdity of its own premise. The game encourages players to embrace the humor in their inevitable demise. Death is not the end; it’s a punchline. The constant threat of termination becomes a running gag, and the more creative the demise, the better. From malfunctioning equipment to bureaucratic nightmares, every element of Paranoia is designed to elicit laughter. The game’s tone is a delicate balance between the grim reality of life in Alpha Complex and the slapstick humor of a Three Stooges routine. It’s a game where failure is not just an option; it’s the expected outcome, and the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

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